About Us

We are a family run business and have years of experience in decorating garments through our original company Top Marques Uniform Solutions, which offers personalised workwear to a variety of different businesses, clubs, sports teams and much more. We have many customers who return year after year as they are so pleased with the finished results and high level of customer service.


Like many people, during lockdown we reassessed our lifestyle and began to appreciate that there was more to life than work. We decided as a family to follow a plant based diet and lifestyle, and have been delighted with the results. We feel better in ourselves and realise this change is having an effect on our impact on the environment as well as our own health and well-being.

Along with this, we have also learnt the importance of regular gentle exercise and have noticed the difference that incorporating this into our everyday lifestyle has had on our mental health and well-being; it’s amazing how much a short walk in the country can really cheer you up! Some of us have also taken this further and adopted a morning routine of yoga and meditation, and the impact that this has had on our daily productiveness has been really positive. It’s really interesting to discover the difference in the way we perceive the world and life in general after spending time re-training our busy minds to focus on the more positive things in life, and to make time for peace and just being in the moment. We now understand firsthand how all these things link in together to help create an all-round, positive, happy and healthy lifestyle; we are in no way experts in these practices yet, and it can sometimes be hard work but we want to share some of these experiences with others in the hope that this helps, and inspires others to consider incorporating some of this into their own lives too.


Having made these changes, we have also become more interested in how the vegan lifestyle can transform serious health conditions and improve the world around us. So we began to wonder how we can increase our own contribution to “saving the planet” – and Reverse was born. It’s our chance to take the skills we have gained over the years and offer many organic, sustainable, ethically sourced, eco-friendly products. 


We also plant a tree for every product that is bought on our website; we find it really exciting seeing our little forest building up and really get a buzz out of knowing we are helping to contribute towards undoing the damage caused by deforestation. Along with this, we have found a variety of charities that we feel are close to our hearts and we love what they are trying to do. We donate regularly to these, for more details please click here


We hope you love our products as much as we do; our ranges will be constantly evolving so new products will be added throughout the year. We love people, and hearing their stories, so if any of what you have read has been inspirational or relatable to you then please get in touch with us via our social media pages - we’d love to hear from you! We are also open to feedback from our customers, so if you have any designs in particular you would like to see on hoodies or t-shirts for instance, please do get in touch and we will do our best to incorporate this into our new products. We love working together with our customers and really do appreciate and value your opinions!

Join us on our journey to a better future, together we can make a difference.